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Top industry judges confirmed for Manitoba AG EX 2022

September 7, 2022

A good Cattle Judge is a keen and careful observer. He or she must have the ability to recognize attributes from the head and neck to the rump and everything in between – including how the animal walks and stands.

And for this year’s Manitoba AG EX, two of the best judges will be in the ring October 26 to 29 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon. The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba is proud to announce they have contracted judges Katie Songer and Jeff Lees.

Katie Songer is from Alberta and is the third generation in her family to breed cattle in central Alberta. Their cowherd consists of purebred Herefords, Shorthorns and commercial club-calf producing females.

In mid-July, Songer was judging at the Calgary Stampede and is excited about coming to Brandon for Manitoba AG EX.

Fellow judge Jeff Lees is a seventh-generation farmer and rancher from Saskatchewan. The Lees are established Hereford breeders who have shown their purebred stock across the country. They are respected sellers locally as well as internationally to Great Britain and Japan.

Dallas Johnston is Chairman of Manitoba AG EX 2022, “We are looking forward to having the expertise of Katie Songer and Jeff Lees. They let me know they have heard great things about our facility and our show and are anticipating a strong turn out of top-quality livestock”.

New this year at Manitoba AG EX 2022 will be a Jackpot Market Lamb Show with members of the Manitoba Sheep Association. A big draw is sure to be live demonstrations by the world record sheep shearer who is from Fairford, Manitoba.

Organizers of Manitoba AG EX will offer all shows and events free to the public, there is no charge for admission.

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