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Showcasing the best of the best at Manitoba AG EX

August 30, 2022

It is the event of the year for cattle producers who raise them right and want the chance to show it.

Manitoba AG EX is the largest all-breeds cattle show in the province that draws cattle producers from across western Canada.

Directors and staff of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba have been eagerly working behind the scenes for months. Today, they are pleased and proud to announce that Manitoba AG EX 2022 is a go for the grounds, barns, and show ring in the Westoba Agricultural Centre of Excellence in Brandon from October 26 to 29.

“This is our official announcement that as of September 1 we will start accepting entries.” Dallas Johnston is Chairman of Manitoba AG EX 2022, “It’s a great opportunity for producers to showcase their stock operation to others in the industry as well as potential buyers. And if early interest is any indication, we are expecting 500 head this year. We’re also excited that for the first time ever, we’ll be hosting a Jackpot Market Lamb Show with members of the Manitoba Sheep Association.”

Manitoba AG EX is a fascinating and educational event for those who aren’t familiar with the hard work and commitment it takes to maintain a healthy herd and successful farming operation. That’s why organizers offer all shows and events free to the public, there is no charge for admission. Johnston adds, “It’s astounding to see the pride of investment – not only by individual producers but by their whole families as well. In fact, year after year the Junior Showmanship and Junior Jackpot Bull shows continue to grow in popularity.”

Members of the Manitoba Sheep Association have also confirmed that the world record holder for sheep shearing will be at AG EX – and she’s from Manitoba. Pauline Bolay is from Fairford and set the new world record for sheep shearing in New Zealand. She’ll show crowds her shearing techniques.

Plus! On the last day of Manitoba AG EX, one lucky person will be ten thousand times happier. Organizers will make the draw for the $10,000.00 Raffle on Saturday, October 29. Tickets are still available at the Dome or from any Director of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba.

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