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Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba Launches Community Gifting / Pledging Campaign

May 4, 2021

This month we are launching our Community Gifting / Pledge Campaign. This campaign is being kicked off with the help of two local businesses. Westoba Credit Union and BEHLEN Industries LP are the first businesses to pledge funds to this campaign.

“BEHLEN Industries turns sponsorship plans into donation

BEHLEN Industries LP is excited to announce they are donating $1,750 to the Provincial Ex, in an effort to help the organization recover from cancelled events and other Covid-related complications.

Initially, this sum was designated as a sponsorship for the traditional “Miss Piggy Barn Scramble” event at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, but when the event had to be cancelled in both 2020 and 2021, it was not clear when the event would be held again.

“We’re always happy to support events like the Winter Fair,” said Sean Lepper, Vice President and General Manager at BEHLEN. “And knowing how much the Provincial Exhibition has been struggling to get through this pandemic, it was an obvious decision to donate the money.”

BEHLEN Industries has been a large and loud supporter of the Provincial Exhibition for many years, and has participated in several fundraisers during the Love A Fair fundraising campaign, and intends to continue supporting the Provincial Ex for many years.”

The Community Gifting and Pledging Campaign is set up with four Annual Gifting Levels: Bronze Heart Giver $1,999 and under, Silver Heart Giver $2,000 – $5,499, Gold Heart Giver $5,500 – $9,999, and Platinum Heart Giver $10,000 and above.

And you may remember the $5,000 donation received from Westoba during our Virtual Fair Week celebrations, with a portion of that going to our “Your Name In Stone” Campaign, the remaining funds are designated to propel them into “Silver Heart Giver” status!

“Westoba has a long history of supporting the fairs,” said Jim Rediger, Westoba Credit Union President and CEO. “When we were approached to support the Community Giving/Pledge Campaign, we were proud to be one of the firsts to jump on board.”

So together with these two amazing businesses we are asking other local businesses and members of our community who have experienced the magic of our events to come together and help ensure our survival during this trying time.

Share your “Love a Fair” Spirit to help #SaveTheFairs!

“Like so many organizations, the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Our amazing board of directors and team of staff continue to think outside the box from what a normal year would look like. We have been tirelessly running fundraisers and small events when it is safe to do so!

Without your support there is a very real possibility that there will be no more fairs in our future.

Everyone has memories or a great story to tell about attending or participating in one or all of our events. Today on behalf of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba board of directors, I would like to ask for your financial assistance so we can guarantee the survival of our organization and continue to create special memories for generations to come.”

— Greg Crisanti—Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba President

The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba plays a pivotal role in showcasing the importance of the agricultural industry in our region by hosting the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Manitoba Summer Fair, and Manitoba Ag Ex. During each event additional staff and hundreds of volunteers work together to ensure its success. Studies indicate that our organization has an economic impact of approximately $18 million annually to the city of Brandon. Thank you for your consideration and for supporting us in our time of need.

Gifts/Pledges can be made monthly, twice monthly, or as a one time gift.

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