48th Annual Royal Fiddlers’ Contest

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 – 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Manitoba Hydro Amphitheatre
Location: Keystone Centre, 1175-18th Street, Brandon, Manitoba

Rules & Regulations (All Classes):

• All participants will receive a Royal Manitoba Winter Fair special edition lapel pin;
• The order of play will be the reversed order of registration;
• Warmup area will be available before the contest from 5:00 to 6:45 p.m. Please arrive early to ensure you have enough time to rehearse.
• In the case of an incident beyond the player’s control (broken string, power failure, etc.) replaying will be allowed at the judges’ discretion;
• Judges’ decisions are final, and judges will not be required to explain standings.

Old-Time Fiddle Classes

Contestants may play in one of the following:

  • 7 & Under: 1st prize $50, 2nd prize $40, 3rd prize $30                                   Sponsored by: Frontier School Division 
  • 8 to 10: 1st prize $80, 2nd prize $60, 3rd prize $40                                         Sponsored by: Frontier School Division 
  • 11 to 13: 1st prize $80, 2nd prize $60, 3rd prize $40                                        Sponsored by: Frontier School Division 
  • 14 to 16: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $75, 3rd prize $50                                      Sponsored by: Frontier School Division
  • 17 & Older: 1st prize $150, 2nd prize $100, 3rd prize $75                               Sponsored by: FYidoctors
  • Seniors 55 +: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $75, 3rd prize $50                             Sponsored by: Memories Chapel
  • Championship*: 1st prize $350, 2nd prize $225, 3rd prize $150                   Sponsored by: Brandon University School of Music
    •  Contestants will play in their own age category. The top three (3) contestants of the 14-16 and/or
      17 & older classes will be awarded the Championship prizes instead of the prizes from their own categories.
  • Consolation prizes of $10 for contestants 13 years and under;
  •  Contestants in the 7 years and under class must play an Old-Time waltz and a tune of choice, in any order;
  • Contestants must play a Waltz, Reel (breakdown, hoedown), and a tune of choice. The tune of choice must be an old time fiddle tune, other than a waltz or reel (examples include: Jig, Polka, Rag, Foxtrot, Clog, Schottische). These tunes may be played in any order. Novelty tunes such as Orange Blossom Special and Listen to the Mockingbird are not permitted;
  •  Contestants will be judged on timing, tempo, tone, technique, and overall accuracy;
  • House accompanists will be available to practice during the warmup time. Contestants are required to provide chord charts to the house accompanist for difficult or unknown tunes, or they may provide their own accompanist. Only one accompanist is allowed;
Métis-Style Fiddle Classes

Proudly Sponsored by the Manitoba Métis Federation—Southwest Region

  • 10 & under: 1st prize $75, 2nd prize $50, 3rd prize $25
  •  11 to 16: 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $75, 3rd prize $50
  • 17 & older: 1st prize $150, 2nd prize $100, 3rd prize $75
  • The Métis Fiddle classes are open to all fiddlers regardless of ethnicity;
  • Contestants must play one Reel (Traditional, Métis; i.e.: Old Reel of 8, Drops of Brandy, Reel of 4, etc., or a tune known to be adopted by the Métis such as Big John McNeil, Whiskey Before Breakfast, etc.);
  •  Fiddle may be cross-tuned if the tune requires it; however it must be tuned prior to getting on stage;
  •  The only accompaniment is the clogging of the fiddle player’s feet;
  • Timing and tempo must be in unison without variation of tempo;
  • The music and the clogging should ideally start simultaneously;
  • Contestants will be judged on timing, Métis-style, and danceability.
Trophy Awards
  • Provincial Exhibition RMWF Annual Trophy
  • Kiwanis Club of Brandon Annual Trophy — Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Brandon
  • Best Old-Time Waltz by a contestant 13 years of age & under — Sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Brandon

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  • Murray Chevrolet Buick GMC Brandon
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