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Manitoba Summer Fair Welcomes Dean Gunnarson, the World’s Most Daring Escape Artist!

May 23, 2024

Brandon, MB – The Manitoba Summer Fair is thrilled to announce an exciting new addition to this year’s lineup: the world-renowned escape artist Dean Gunnarson! Known as the World’s Most Daring Escape Artist, Dean will be performing daily at the Fair from June 5th to June 9th. This will be Dean’s first-ever performance in Manitoba, making it a historic and must-see event for fairgoers.

Dean Gunnarson, star of the hit TV show “Escape or Die,” is famous for his death-defying stunts and incredible escape acts. This year, Dean will captivate audiences with two of his most spectacular performances: the H20 Tank Escape and the Big Metal Jaws.

The H20 Tank Escape is a breathtaking act where Dean is submerged in a water-filled tank, with only seconds to escape before running out of air. This act showcases Dean’s exceptional skills, bravery, and ability to remain calm under extreme pressure.

Additionally, fairgoers will have the unique opportunity to witness the final performances of the Big Metal Jaws. This act involves Dean escaping from a set of massive, razor-sharp metal jaws that are set to snap shut. The Big Metal Jaws act is retiring after this year, making these performances the last chance for audiences to experience this thrilling escape.

“We are incredibly excited to bring Dean Gunnarson to the Manitoba Summer Fair,” says Tim Rowan, MSF Co-Chair and Vice President of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. “Dean’s performances are nothing short of extraordinary, and we are honored to host his first-ever shows in Manitoba. His acts will add an electrifying element to this year’s Fair, making it an unforgettable experience for all our visitors.”

Dean Gunnarson has earned international acclaim for his astonishing escape acts, performing on television and at live events around the world. His dedication to pushing the limits of human endurance and his charismatic stage presence have made him a favorite among fans of all ages.

Don’t miss your chance to see Dean Gunnarson live and experience the heart-pounding excitement of his incredible escape acts. Dean will be performing daily at the Manitoba Summer Fair from June 5th to June 9th. 

The Manitoba Summer Fair has been a beloved social gathering in Western Manitoba for over 130 years, offering fantastic food, family fun, entertainment, and the thrill of the midway. This year promises to be one of the best yet, with Dean Gunnarson’s extraordinary performances as a highlight not to be missed.

Tickets to the Manitoba Summer Fair are available now at and at both the Minnedosa and Brandon Heritage Co-op food stores. 

The 2024 Manitoba Summer Fair, running from Wednesday, June 5th to Sunday, June 9th, is presented by Heritage Co-op and promises a fantastic array of entertainment, delicious food, family fun, and the thrill of the midway. 

About Dean Gunnarson: Dean Gunnarson is celebrated as the World’s Most Daring Escape Artist. With a career spanning decades, he has performed on major television shows and live events worldwide. Known for his high-risk, breathtaking escape acts, Dean continues to captivate audiences with his fearless stunts and charismatic performances. For more details, visit 

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