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Manitoba AG EX 2022 – a $2,000.00 investment in Youth

October 11, 2022

A post-secondary education can put that one candidate head and shoulders above the rest. That’s what top executives say when looking for new employees. But as the cost of living increases, many families are hesitating when it comes to spending, and sending their own young adults to college or university.

Barry Twerdun owns and operates Twerdun Wealth Management in Brandon with contacts and clients in rural and urban communities. He believes that investing in youth is a great payoff for all, “Growing up in rural Manitoba, I realized how costly it is to further one’s education. Our company believes we should support students to further their education because they are the future, so we designed a scholarship specifically for the youth competitors at Manitoba AG EX”.

The Twerdun Scholarship will be available to all participants who qualify to enter in the All-Breeds Showmanship. The winner of all age groups of the All-Breeds Showmanship will compete for the overall winner. The overall winner will receive the Twerdun Scholarship valued at $2000.00.

Any student who has registered and/or attending a post-secondary institution is eligible. The terms and conditions are as follows:
·The student must be attending a post-secondary to acquire the money. The money will only be distributed once school registration has been confirmed. The money will be allocated to the school tuition and distributed to the university or college of choice.
·The type of post-secondary school enrollment, (the specific courses) does not affect the scholarship.
·If the student chooses not to attend a post-secondary school of choice, the money will be forfeited.
·If the applicant is not of age to attend post-secondary school, the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba will hold the funds for you up to 2 years from the High School graduation date. If the money is not acquired from 2 years of High School graduation, the money will be forfeited.
·There will be no interest accrued while the funds are on hold.

Manitoba AG EX 2022 kicks off Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Saturday, October 29 is the day set aside to showcase the junior classes including the announcement of the $2,000.00 Twerdun Scholarship.

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