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Appointment of Nishit Kumar Patel as new Factotum Associate

February 27, 2024

The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba’s team continues to grow to deliver the Rich Culture and Royal history to Westman region.

General Manager, Mark Humphries, has announced the appointment of Nishit Kumar Patel as their new Factotum Associate.

Originally from India and is currently living in Brandon, Nishit Kumar Patel has worked for an agricultural company and served as a sales associate in Brandon. His Professional experience in accounting, sales and management will help him to grow in all areas of success within the rich history of the Provincial Exhibition and Production of fairs and events.

“That experience should prove beneficial,” says Humphries. “After working with accounting, administration and sales management employers with various companies will play a pivotal role in coming years for The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba’s Team to continue to contribute to all aspects in linking bridges between urban and rural communities”.

Nishit Kumar Patels’ first day on the job will be Feb 26th and his first event will be the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, scheduled from March 25 – 30,2024 at the Keystone Centre. As well, he will also be a part of a team for preparations for the 2024 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair.

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For more information, contact:

Mark Humphries

General Manager

Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba

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